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Hi! I'm a yarn spinner working on spreading the art of yarn spinning!

Dark blue Jensen D30 spinning wheel with gold trim


(My pride and joy, Big Blue my Jensen D30)


My spinning journey started in October 2018, when I received an impromptu drop spinning lesson one evening with the purchase of a loom(thanks Gretchen!), and I've been making yarn ever since. It has been such an eye opening experience learning about all of the different types of fibres, wheels, techniques, and history.

A drop spindle quickly became several, and then I picked up my first spinning wheel - a 2nd(or 3rd, or 4th...) hand scotch tension Ashford Traditional. Within two years I bought, spun on, and sold over a dozen wheels trying to find the one. I learned that sometimes the wheel wasn't a good fit because of operator experience - I sold my 2nd wheel, and ended up buying it back just over a year later. Ultimately, I did stumble upon a conclusion - why seek out one wheel when you can have a herd? :)

I have, however, pruned down my herd and currently own 3 wheels. My go-to at home is my custom painted blue & gold Jensen D30, my travel wheel is a walnut Kromski Sonata, and my wheel for thicker yarns is a walnut Kromski Minstrel with the great jumbo flyer.

Being an avid crafter and having dabbled in several different hobbies and arts, spinning is the one hobby where I don't necessarily have to think - just do. Sure, you can plan out your yarn, and/or spin with a garment or other project in mind, but picking up some wool and just spinning it for the sake of spinning is valid as well.

With how fast paced the world is nowadays, I've never given much thought to just slow down to think and reflect. With the rhythmic motions of spinning, I find myself able to just decompress, and gather my thoughts. About the day, or a problem needing a solution, or just about anything that wormed itself into my mind.

Spinning is an amazing hobby - who knew making a bit of string could bring so much positivity into my life. From the amazing people in the community, to all of the different things that can be learned, and to just how therapeutic the motions are. Even just as something to do while watching TV - It's a bit of a 'productive fidget', in a way. I love spinning and I hope that I can make this hobby more accessible for people who would like to try it.

My 3d printed drop spindles are made in my home in Surrey, BC Canada, where I live with my super duper cool wonderful amazing supportive beautiful partner Cassius(without their help, I wouldn't have this website!), and 3 cute pet snakes named Keats, Bronte, and Emily. 

Also, I never did warp that particular loom, and ended up selling it to a local weaver. :")

-Innoxia Mai Truong